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Domain Pricing

TLD Years New Registration Transfer Renew
.pt 1 €13.00EUR €0.00EUR €18.00EUR
.com.pt 1 €13.00EUR €0.00EUR €18.00EUR
.eu 1 €9.00EUR €9.00EUR €9.00EUR
.com 1 €9.00EUR €9.00EUR €9.00EUR
.biz 1 €10.00EUR €10.00EUR €10.00EUR
.me 1 €14.00EUR €14.00EUR €14.00EUR
.net 1 €9.00EUR €9.00EUR €9.00EUR
.org 1 €10.00EUR €10.00EUR €10.00EUR
.pro 1 €12.00EUR €12.00EUR €12.00EUR
.info 1 €9.00EUR €9.00EUR €9.00EUR

Transfer domain?

Before transferring your domain, make sure that:

  • The domain is active and expires in more than 60 days.
  • The domain was created at least 60 days ago.
  •  The email addresses of the owner, the administrative and technical contacts are valid and visible in Whois (this is where the email validation request will be sent).
  • Unlock the domain in the current register in order to obtain the auth code you will be asked for when ordering the transfer or validation.
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